How do I update my TomTom maps for free?

TomTom is that the product of a Dutch company giving GPS navigation software system and devices, digital maps, Sports Watches, Action Cameras and connected services across the assorted countries of Europe and America. the corporate was supported in 1991 and has its headquarters in Dutch capital. Currently, it's offices in thirty seven completely different countries with concerning 4000 workers. The The offerings provided by the corporate primarily assists in navigation, traffic data, helps comprehend the route with the recent maps. TomTom has replaced the Google Maps for providing the maps within the Apple’s unleash iOS six and additionally provides maps to the company
Tomtom home

To update the TomTom map, follow these instructions-

  • Install TomTom home on your laptop. Then, connect the pc with the navigation device.
  • After that, log into your TomTom account.
  • Click on the Tools Menu and so head to ‘Use the newest Map Guarantee’ possibility.
  • If a more recent version of the map is offered, then it gets displayed on the screen. Further, if you're within the initial ninety day amount once buying a brand new device, the notification of the newer updates is distributed to your email id.

Steps for updating the navigation device

For change the navigation device, the subsequent steps got to be followed.

you wish to use either ‘My Drive Connect’ or ‘TomTom HOME’, for this.

to understand that program must be used for change the maps in your device, visit ‘What program do i want to update my device?

With My Drive Connect– If you're victimisation My Drive Connect, then follow these steps to update TomTom map

  • Ensure that you're victimisation the newest version of My Drive Connect, within the pc.
  • My Drive Connect can then mechanically look for any newer updates for the navigation device. this may be offered through the newest Map Guarantee.
  • After that, click Continue and follow the given directions on the screen.this may transfer the new update on the device.
  • After the installation is complete, the page gets redirected to My Content page.The standing at now on My Drive Connect changes to ‘Connected’.once seeing the ‘Connected’ standing and therefore the message that the installation has completed, disconnect the navigation device from the pc.
  • Now, the device is used with the newest maps.
Also, there's a facility of Map Share within the latest devices that permits you to create changes on your map whereas'll conjointly report the net map changes and may even share the map with the immeasurable users, online.

With the supplementary advantage of sensing the approaching traffic disturbances, tough turns, speed limits, fuel saver, broken roads, the list of advantages TomTom has been endless.

the corporate is creating serious efforts to boost the functions higher than ever before.

The team is additionally ceaselessly fixing toil for giving the foremost updated versions of computer code and devices for public use.

My Drive Connect – Link to transfer My Drive Connect

TomTom home 5 differing kinds of merchandise and services

As a navigation assistant for private use, TomTom provides a tool which provides associate oblique read associated an overhead read of the road.

The code uses a GPS receiver to exactly outline the placement and conjointly helps by giving visual or audio directions telling the way to reach at the specified destination.

Some TomTom merchandise may be connected to the mobile phones via the Bluetooth.

Some will even take calls and might scan aloud the texts concerning the directions.

In the year 2011, TomTom in association with Greek deity, free its initial fitness watch and subsequently the corporate has itself free many watches (TomTom Runner, Multi-sport, Spark).

It conjointly caters the employment of those watches for the golf players.
The watches have GPS sensors fed that helps monitor the inexperienced and red regions for a linksman. 

A class of sports watches have an extra perform in them to observe the guts rate, can keep a track of all of your activities 24/7.a number of them ar enabled to include around five hundred songs to assist boost the energy whereas workouts.The version Spark has the perform to stream the audios on the wireless telephone receiver via the Bluetooth.Tomtom update

Owning a TomTom in itself means you additional needn't worry concerning the directions.No additional the concern of waiting at fuel stations and soliciting for the proper approach.

  • The main advantage of TomTom is its unequalled wonderful services of navigation and Traffic Sensing.
  • Be it a shopping precinct, a restaurant, associate degree green, anyplace and everyplace, the device will safely carry you while not fail.
  • TomTom may be a digital device which may indicate the recent changes within the course taken place thanks to construction or road development.
  • This advantage takes it to altogether a special level than the written maps that were earlier used for long distance commuters.
  • It will more indicate the traffic levels on the trail and includes a special IQ sensing which may dictate all the alternate ways that for reaching the desired destination.
  • It is more enabled with specialised technology to inform you the shortest path which may work the instant, the trail which may offer you the smallest amount traffic, the trail
  • which may offer you the utmost range of sight seeing tourer spots, the trail which may save the fuel to the utmost, etc.
  • They are principally equipped with a screen mount so you are doing not have to be compelled to look elsewhere whereas driving.
  • It provides a bigger screen compared with the good phones which may though do identical work however has comparably a smaller screen.
  • Another advantage of exploitation this navigation device instead of {a good|a sensible|a wise} phone is that the battery of the smart phones that hardly works for every day on moderate
  • Also, it frees the phone for its primary purpose of attending and creating phone calls.
But at the side of the endless advantage, the sole factor wherever it limits its usability is that the device is employed only if required, i.e.apart from that, it's no purpose for the user.Therefore, for a lot of easier routes an equivalent purpose are often solved by a wise's only if tough routes ar to be traveled in long-distance traveling that this device will prove to be a boon.

But apart from that, what it will, it will that completely.

It is common that roads ar susceptible to dynamic changes throughout the year.apart from this, there ar generally some road blocks, new street names, some new traffic directions, flip restrictions, that gets revived over time.For these reasons, the corporate stays alert on regular updates and additionally advises the users to update TomTom map in their devices.

But, most of the folks ar unaware of this necessary update, that is important for a secure and proper navigation.So, here ar a number of the rule of thumb tips to follow on the way to Update TomTom Map Free.

Although once shopping for a contemporary device, there's a facility of ‘90 days Latest Map Guarantee’ for gratis downloading of all the new updates until ninety days.
Some navigation devices keep company with Free life Maps, wherever you'll update the TomTom map, for free.


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